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Twin Killing: Baseball Terminology

Twin Killing Baseball Terminology The Baseball Journal

Roberto Alomar and Omar Vizquel were a great twin killing tandem

When the defense gets an out on a play it is great. When they get two outs it is even better. The common term for getting two outs on one play is known by many as a double play. The not-so-common term is a twin killing.

The term twin killing is not practically self-explanatory, except when thinking in relation to baseball. Two runners are both out on one play. The defense has killed two chances that the offense had to score. It is a term that may cause some confused looks by others if they do not know much about baseball.

One of the best twin killing tandems I have ever seen (and probably still my favorite) was Roberto Alomar and Omar Vizquel of the Cleveland Indians in the 1990’s. They were two of the best defensive players of their generation and worked wonders up the middle.

Alomar and Vizquel could make any play look routine, as they leaped over incoming base runners looking to take them out and used their bare hands to catch and throw in transition. It is no wonder they garnered 21 Gold Glove awards between the two of them.

Twin Killing Baseball Terminology The Baseball Journal

What twin killing is easier than two runners sliding into the same base?

Although I am highly favorable of the Indians’ twin killing tag team, there are of course other great tandems. Sometimes, that tandem can be a pitcher, catcher, and defender on a strike ‘em out, throw ‘em out play. It could also be an outfielder catching a fly ball and throwing out a base runner at home plate who tried to tag and score from third base.

It could even be a solo act if a defender is able to tag two runners by himself. No matter how the defense gets it done, any time a double play is turned, it honestly feels more like a twin killing. It is a way to end rallies and get pitchers out of a jam quickly.

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