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Ken Griffey Jr. Bubble Gum Card

 Ken Griffey Jr. blew the biggest bubble…

Ken Griffey Jr.

One of the best baseball card photos you’ll see

Ken Griffey Jr. was one of my favorite players as a kid.  I wrote an article earlier this year about him where I linked to a photo that was one of his baseball cards in the 90’s.  I was talking about this card with someone recently and was making a big deal about how it was the biggest bubble I have ever seen and how I wanted to blow a bubble that was as big as the one Griffey was blowing.

I pulled up the picture on my smartphone to show my friend the size of the bubble, and when she looked at it she made a comment.  She said it looked way too perfectly round to be a bubble and asked if I was sure it was bubble gum in the picture.  I responded that there wasn’t much use of Photoshop back then, so the bubble was probably real.

After I took the phone back to look at the picture, I saw the bubble once more.  There were shiny spots around the bubble and made it look like it was a balloon being blown up.

Could it be, that after all these years and me thinking that Ken Griffey Jr. held the unrecorded record for biggest and coolest bubble ever blown, the gum was actually a balloon?  I couldn’t believe it.  There was no way.  It couldn’t be.

I stared at the picture again…

After careful consideration, I determined that the bubble was indeed a balloon.  I just don’t think that a bubble that big could be as perfect as it looks.  It would be thinner and a little more transparent.  Plus the shiny spots on the balloon seem more like reflections off the material of a balloon rather than bubble gum.

It was a sad moment for me and my childhood memories.  All this time I thought Ken Griffey Jr. was one of the best bubble gum blowers of all-time.  He’ll have to settle as only one of the best baseball hitters of all-time instead.  I don’t know how he ever slept at night knowing that kids like me were convinced he should have been the cover boy for the likes of Big League Chew, Double Bubble, Bazooka, and any other bubble gum company.

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