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Rule 5 Draft: Baseball Terminology

Tweet The Rule 5 Draft in Major League Baseball is a way to prevent teams from stockpiling young talent and keeping them in the minor leagues. We’ll get into more details, but basically at the end of the Winter Meetings, a draft is held where eligible players include those not on a team’s 40-man roster. […]

Around the Horn: Baseball Terminology

Tweet Around the horn is one of the most common baseball terms out there. ESPN has even had a show by the same name since 2002; it consists of a host who asks various panel members to discuss current topics in sports. The idea comes from the aspect of the baseball diamond. The most common […]

Batting Donut: Baseball Terminology

Tweet A batting donut is something that is surprisingly simple as a kid and gets more complicated the older you get. The donut is a weight that hitters use while waiting on deck for their turn to hit. It allows the hitter to use a heavier bat to produce quicker bat speed in the game. […]

Triple Crown: Baseball Terminology

Tweet The Triple Crown is an award given to a player who leads the league in three offensive categories: batting average, home runs, and runs batted in. Miguel Cabrera was the last player to win a Triple Crown back in 2012 with the Detroit Tigers. Prior to Cabrera, the most recent winner was Carl Yastrzemski […]

4A Player: Baseball Terminology

Tweet A 4A baseball player is someone who is good enough to play well in Triple-A but isn’t good enough to succeed in the Majors. Guys who are called up and optioned down frequently might think of themselves as 4A players because they aren’t the ones who stay in the Majors. They are the players […]