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Hall of Fame 2018 Class: No Bonds, No Clemens

Tweet The newest members elected to the Hall of Fame did not include home run king Barry Bonds nor 7-time Cy Young winner Roger Clemens. Both players have seen their voting percentages increase each year since 2015, yet each has a long way to go to be enshrined in Cooperstown. Major League Baseball announced that […]

Manager Hall of Famers Guilty by Association

Tweet Three managers were recently voted into the Hall of Fame by unanimous decision – Tony LaRussa, Joe Torre, and Bobby Cox. All three are legendary managers that won championships, coached all-stars, and left legacies for the teams they had the helm of. Another thing they have in common is the fact that all three […]

Cooperstown Dreams Park Tournament

Tweet When I was a kid, travel ball was an experience that I was scared to take on.  I had been playing park ball at Mandarin Athletic Association (MAA) and I was always one of the best players each season.  It was an environment I was comfortable with and used to; my friends played there, […]