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Neighborhood Play: Baseball Terminology

Tweet A neighborhood play does not have the power it once used to.  Instant replay has almost eliminated the possibility of a neighborhood play, as baseball has become an honest game of inches. What is a neighborhood play? During a double play, the fielder covering second base is allowed to be in the vicinity of […]

Twin Killing: Baseball Terminology

Tweet When the defense gets an out on a play it is great. When they get two outs it is even better. The common term for getting two outs on one play is known by many as a double play. The not-so-common term is a twin killing. The term twin killing is not practically self-explanatory, […]

Defensive Indifference: Baseball Terminology

Tweet When is a stolen base not credited as a stolen base? If a base runner steals€ a base, but the defense does not try to prevent it, the play is ruled a defensive indifference and not as a stolen base. It is difficult to steal something that is already given to you. That is […]

Pickle: Baseball Base Running Terminology

Tweet If you have ever been in trouble, you may have referred to yourself as being in a jam or being in a pickle.  In baseball terms, a pickle is a particular situation where a runner is in trouble by being caught in between two bases as he runs back and forth. A pickle usually […]

Houston Astros: Their Struggles this Season

Tweet Bo Porter took over the helm of the Houston Astros this past off season as the organization hoped to turn things around.  The ultimate goal would be to reach the World Series for the first time since 2005, when Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio, and Lance Berkman were the Killer B’s on offense and Roger […]