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Cleveland Indians in the World Series

Tweet The Cleveland Indians are headed to their first World Series since 1997. A mere 19 years have separated Cleveland’s last two trips to the fall classic. A lot has happened since then… Derek Jeter has come and gone. The Expos relocated to Washington to become the Nationals. Interleague has become a staple in every […]

Rise of Cleveland Continues

Tweet Titletown, USA, could be claimed to be located in New York, Boston, or even San Francisco. One city that has not claimed that title is Cleveland. The Indians have not been to the World Series since 1997, and they haven’t won a title since 1948 over the Boston Braves. This could be the season […]

Albert Belle: Indians Slugger with Big Attitude

Tweet Baseball has taken a hit to its reputation recently with “bad guys” using PEDs and steroids.  One of the bad boys in the 90’s who has been free of scandal, at least from banned substances, is Albert Belle.  For some reason, I took a liking to Belle back when he was with the Indians.  […]

Jason Giambi and His Long Lasting Career

Tweet The early 2000’s saw a left-handed power hitter who was leading the unsuspecting Oakland A’s to wins, playoff appearances, and crushing home runs with long hair that almost gave Randy Johnson a run for his money.  Jason Giambi was the 2000 MVP and used his success in Oakland to land a then common large […]