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Ballplayer by Chipper Jones

Tweet I recently finished reading Ballplayer by Chipper Jones. The book was on my immediate read list because I grew up a Braves fan, and Chipper was my favorite player. When I played growing up, third base became my primary position, and it was only natural that my admiration for Chipper grew even more. Ballplayer […]

Chipper Jones: Lifelong Atlanta Brave

Tweet Chipper Jones was one of the greatest switch hitters of all-time and perhaps one of the greatest third baseman as well.  He was also my favorite player for the duration of his career.  Ken Griffey Jr. was a close second, but you’ll be hard pressed to find many people who didn’t have Griffey in […]

Mariano Rivera Farewell Retirement Tour 2013

Tweet Most players playing baseball today switch teams at least once in their careers, with some collecting jersey after jersey from a new team each season. Even some players who seemed destined to be with one team forever, like Albert Pujols in St. Louis, switch teams when dollar signs are flashed in front of their […]