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The Baseball Socks Game has changed

There was a time when baseball socks consisted of sanitary socks and stirrups. There used to be a dominant feature of striped socks. Some players began to don solid color socks, and a trend in the late 2000’s meant you didn’t know if players were even wearing socks. And Greg Maddux had a t-ball style all his own.

Baseball Socks Game Stance

Socks are only part of the different uniforms players have worn this season

Last season during the All-Star Game in San Diego, players showed off official commemorative socks made by Stance. The sock company specializes in creating a plethora of unique sock designs, and Major League Baseball amped up its endorsement this season by allowing players to wear multiple non-traditional sock patterns from the company.

Holidays are the main reason for baseball’s commemorative socks: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, and the 4th of July all had their own sock styles for players to wear on the field. The All-Star Game and Home Run Derby also had their own custom sock designs. Player’s Weekend, which occurred the same time as the Little World Series finals, was the most recent custom sock look worn by players.

This seems to be a trend that will continue indefinitely. Stance already partners with the NBA, but basketball players do not wear pants – their socks are always on display. Few MLB players wear their pants up, which is one of the reasons the sock game is not as prevalent as in basketball. High pant legs showing off the stirrup or sock is an underrated uniform concept though.

Sock game strong

Most all the major sports leagues have begun implementing alternate uniforms, special occasion uniforms, and anything different to create buzz and sell new merchandise. The NFL has Salute to Service apparel, breast cancer awareness apparel, and color rush uniforms. The NBA has Christmas jerseys, a multitude of throwbacks, and Spanish and Chinese jerseys. MLB has followed suit and included unique uniforms for all 30 teams on the above-mentioned holidays.

Baseball Socks Game Stance

The New York skyline

Socks are merely an accessory of the uniform, and the main apparel sales are jerseys and caps. All of the special styles were made in mind with both the attention on the field, and the sales off the field. Fans can buy all of the sock styles they have seen the players wear, assuming there are any left. Stance wants to make socks a sought after commodity just like a team hat, and MLB has embraced the concept by allowing its players to wear the branded socks.

While the idea is fun and provides a new take on America’s pastime, some of the overall looks are better suited for the minor leagues. There are already countless numbers of themed jersey nights, and the Majors needs to make sure it doesn’t lurk to close to that avenue.

Players can choose to wear their pant legs up or down, but the ones who go with the high socks now have different ways to show off their team colors, their cities, and their love of the game. With 162 games a season, there is room for a handful of casual Friday work clothes amongst Major Leaguers.

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