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Terminology: Snow Cone

Snow Cone CatchEvery ball park has great food options, from hot dogs and popcorn to cotton candy and peanuts.  Whether you are watching a game in Miami or Toronto, there is one thing you always have the possibility of seeing – a snow cone.  Not the edible kind but the baseball kind.

A snow cone on the baseball field is when a player catches the ball at the very end of his glove.  The ball usually is halfway in and halfway out of the glove and barely staying put.  One of these catches is typically followed by oohs and ahhs from the crowd as they marvel at the fact the ball was not dropped.  There is no better feeling of relief for a fielder than holding on to a snow cone.

Snow cone catches can come anywhere in the field which makes them even better.  They can happen on a line drive in the infield, on a long fly ball at the warning track, or in the 3rd row behind the on deck circle if the catcher reaches into the stands.  These catches typically make a highlight reel and rightfully so for being high drama plays in a game.

It is easy to figure out where the term comes from.  When the ball is sticking out of a player’s glove it looks like the top of a snow cone.  A snow cone without any flavored juice, but a snow cone nonetheless.  You might see a player who makes a snow cone catch check his glove to see if the ball is there.  This is because it doesn’t always feel like you actually caught the ball.  It can feel like the ball hit the top of the glove, but there is always a chance the ball is still there.

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