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Eyewash: Baseball Terminology

Eyewash Baseball Terminology Bryce HarperEyewash might be an important thing in a science lab, but it can also be seen on the baseball field. It is not nearly as important in baseball; eyewash is extra flare that players use to impress observers.

This is a term that applies heavily to high school and college athletes. However, there are a handful of professional players that also exemplify eyewash on a regular basis. Eyewash can refer to excessive practice or showing off as well as accessories and equipment worn by players.

If you remember seeing the articles about Bryce Harper when he was in high school and junior college, Harper could almost always be seen with eye black smeared down his face like an NFL lineman. Excessive eye black can be fun for players to wear in a game, but it is a definite example of eyewash.

Other equipment and accessories that can be eyewash include necklaces, wristbands, protective armor, flashy cleats, and even socks or stirrups. Some players wear these sparingly, but others simply overdo it and look like they are walking advertisements for Nike, Under Armour, and other sports companies.

Eyewash Baseball Terminology Fernando RodneyThe other type of eyewash can be seen in practice and even in games. Domingo Ayala is a baseball personality who has great YouTube videos mocking some of the things players do on the field to impress coaches and scouts. Long boastful swings, bat flips, and home run trots can be viewed as eyewash.

Every player is different and has his own style, but some players take things to another level. It is neither good nor bad, but at some point, other players and coaches take notice and can see it as showing up opponents when done in game situations. Flare and personality are a great part of the game, but at some point, a handful of players need to tone down their entertainment efforts and simply play the game.

Practice is the perfect time for eyewash. Lighthearted fun and just enjoying the game are what it’s all about. If you decide to fully accessorize in a game and show off the full potential of your flare, be prepared for both the praise and criticism.


  1. Armando Martinez Jr says:

    whats an example, in sentence form?
    “Joe is such an eyewash!”…?
    “I feel like an eyewash!”…?

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