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Unwritten Rules: Baseball Terminology

Tweet Unwritten rules are somewhat of an oxymoron, because if they were real rules they should be written down somewhere. Somehow, over the course of baseball history, the game developed its own way of being played. Whether it be a gentleman’s game, a kid’s game played by grown men, or somewhere in-between, there are no […]

Inside Move: Baseball Terminology

Tweet An inside move is when a pitcher lifts his leg to deliver a pitch and then pivots towards second base to attempt a pickoff. This move tries to deceive the base runner and catch him off guard. Similar to a how a lefty can lift his leg to pick off at first base, an […]

Eyewash: Baseball Terminology

Tweet Eyewash might be an important thing in a science lab, but it can also be seen on the baseball field. It is not nearly as important in baseball; eyewash is extra flare that players use to impress observers. This is a term that applies heavily to high school and college athletes. However, there are […]

Swinging Bunt: Baseball Terminology

Tweet A swinging bunt is perhaps one of the most hated outcomes of a swing by a hitter but also one of the most grateful. A batter can swing as hard as he wants to and try to emulate Hank Aaron or Babe Ruth, but if he nicks just enough of the ball it will […]

Worm Burner: Baseball Terminology

Tweet Worm burner is a multi-sport term that can apply to both golf and baseball. The use of the term is a criticism for one sport and more of a compliment in the other.  It describes the same action in both circumstances, however. The term, when used in baseball, describes a hard hit ground ball […]