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Rafael Furcal – Jacksonville Suns

Tweet Rafael Furcal playing for my hometown Rafael Furcal may be past his prime at the age of 36, but the 13-year veteran made me smile and remember why I enjoy baseball last week. I went to watch a Jacksonville Suns’ home game; they are my hometown team and who I have gone to see […]

Batting Practice and Tearing Down Walls

Tweet Batting practice can be an intense nose to the grind hour, and it can be a laid back and fun filled way to end a practice.  The mood is depicted by any number of things from the time of year to how hard players have worked during the rest of practice.  In either situation, […]

Home Runs – The More Long Balls the Better

Tweet Home runs are what every hitter wants; they get the team runs, put great numbers in your stats, and is the ultimate 15 seconds of fame.  Some home runs are borderline near the fence, and you can’t tell right away if they are going to make it out of the park.  A hitter needs […]

The Rabbit Ears Story

Tweet Yesterday I talked about the term rabbit ears and how umpires listen to things when they probably shouldn’t.  When I was in college there was a game where this concept had never been more evident. We were playing against a school with a 5-29 record and should have won the game decisively.  When teams […]

Finger Injuries in Baseball are Pretty Painful

Tweet Baseball finger injuries aren’t very common, and missing games because of an injury is never fun.  Having to tell your coach you can’t play because of an injury is even worse – especially if that injury happened doing something you weren’t supposed to be doing. My junior year of high school, our team had […]