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Playoff Success Determined by Divisional Disparity?

Tweet The Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros are in the midst of a perennial World Series matchup. Did they make it to the pinnacle of the playoffs because they were really the better teams in their respective leagues? Perhaps they were better tested throughout the regular season with tougher division opponents whom they saw […]

Wild Card Game is Strictly for Television Ratings

Tweet The Wild Card Game in Major League Baseball might be dramatic with a Game 7 feeling, but it typically defeats the purpose of a 162 game season. Both the American and National League Wild Card Game feature matchups between teams that finished six games apart in the standings. That is a significant difference when […]

5 Reasons the Cardinals and Red Sox Are a Bad World Series Match-Up

Tweet The 2013 Fall Classic is finally here, although baseball has extended its season so much that the World Series is almost played exclusively in November.  The Boston Red Sox defeated the Detroit Tigers despite Detroit’s formidable 1-2 punch of Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander and sluggers Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera.  In the National […]

Team Chemistry and Baseball Roster Make-Up

Tweet During the playoffs in Major League Baseball, teams are allowed the normal 25-man roster as in most of the regular season. If a team advances in the playoffs to the next round, they are allowed to change their roster or adjust it to their liking to account for injuries, poor performance, etc. The tendency […]

Playoff Announcers on TBS

Tweet If you have been following the television coverage of the MLB playoffs so far, TBS is the channel you’ve been watching.  While it used to be the home station that aired all of the Atlanta Braves’ baseball games when Ted Turner was the owner, it now hosts the playoffs up until the World Series, […]