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Unwritten Rules: Baseball Terminology

Tweet Unwritten rules are somewhat of an oxymoron, because if they were real rules they should be written down somewhere. Somehow, over the course of baseball history, the game developed its own way of being played. Whether it be a gentleman’s game, a kid’s game played by grown men, or somewhere in-between, there are no […]

Inside Move: Baseball Terminology

Tweet An inside move is when a pitcher lifts his leg to deliver a pitch and then pivots towards second base to attempt a pickoff. This move tries to deceive the base runner and catch him off guard. Similar to a how a lefty can lift his leg to pick off at first base, an […]

When to Bring in Your Closer

Tweet Buck Showalter and the Baltimore Orioles lost their Wild Card game against the Toronto Blue Jays 5-2 on Tuesday night. Edwin Encarnacion belted a three-run walk-off bomb to send the Blue Jays to the ALDS to take on the Texas Rangers. Surprisingly, the home run didn’t come off of Baltimore’s closer, Zach Britton, and […]

Pitchers Drop BOMBS!

Tweet Pitchers take note. How often does a team have one player drive in all his team’s runs in a game? Sometimes. How many times does a pitcher hit a home run? Two or three times a year it could happen. What about a pitcher driving in all of his team’s runs hitting only home runs? […]

Pitchout: Baseball Terminology

Tweet A pitchout is when a pitch is thrown outside the batter’s box so the hitter cannot reach it. This allows the catcher to essentially stand up to receive the ball and be in position to throw out a base runner attempting to steal. If the base runner does not go, then it is simply […]