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Playoff Success Determined by Divisional Disparity?

Tweet The Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros are in the midst of a perennial World Series matchup. Did they make it to the pinnacle of the playoffs because they were really the better teams in their respective leagues? Perhaps they were better tested throughout the regular season with tougher division opponents whom they saw […]

American League Should Not Have Won Home Field

Tweet The American League should not have won the right to home field advantage in the World Series last night. However, neither should the National League had they been able to mount a comeback. The All-Star Game is about the fans, players, and events that surround the longest break in the baseball season. Managers Mike Matheny […]

MLB All-Star Game Ends in Tie: Throwback Thursday

Tweet MLB All-Star Game Tie in 2002 The MLB All-Star Game decides which league will have home-field advantage in the World Series.  It doesn’t matter who the better team is during the regular season or who has a better record.  A game that involves players from all 30 teams factors into the Fall Classic as […]