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Astros, Dodgers set World Series Home Run Record

Tweet The 2017 World Series only features three of the top 50 home run leaders from the regular season (Cody Bellinger – 39, George Springer – 34, Yasiel Puig – 28). However, the long ball has never been more frequent in the fall classic than this year. The record was set through only five games, […]

Pitchers Drop BOMBS!

Tweet Pitchers take note. How often does a team have one player drive in all his team’s runs in a game? Sometimes. How many times does a pitcher hit a home run? Two or three times a year it could happen. What about a pitcher driving in all of his team’s runs hitting only home runs? […]

Most Exciting Play in Baseball

Tweet What is the most exciting play in baseball? There are a plethora of options to choose from: a home run, a play at the plate, a walk-off hit, or a triple play.   Maybe you like seeing scuffles and watching a player charge the mound. Diving catches always make highlight reels. There are so many […]

Home Runs – The More Long Balls the Better

Tweet Home runs are what every hitter wants; they get the team runs, put great numbers in your stats, and is the ultimate 15 seconds of fame.  Some home runs are borderline near the fence, and you can’t tell right away if they are going to make it out of the park.  A hitter needs […]

Hitters Celebrating Over Warning Track Power

Tweet Yasiel Puig was criticized after Game 3 of the NLCS for prematurely celebrating what he thought was going to be a home run.  The bat flip was indeed epic, but what was more epic was the fact that Puig was able to make it to 3rd base after the ball stayed in the park, […]