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Unwritten Rules: Baseball Terminology

Tweet Unwritten rules are somewhat of an oxymoron, because if they were real rules they should be written down somewhere. Somehow, over the course of baseball history, the game developed its own way of being played. Whether it be a gentleman’s game, a kid’s game played by grown men, or somewhere in-between, there are no […]

Small Ball: Baseball Terminology

Tweet Small ball is not a term used to describe the actual size of the baseball. Rather, it does describe the distance that a ball typically travels by a team that utilizes a small ball game plan. Some teams rely on the long ball, or the home run, to manufacture runs. They have heavy hitters […]

Batter’s Eye: Baseball Terminology

Tweet Go to any professional or college baseball game, and you will see something known as the batter’s eye. The batter’s eye could refer to a hitter’s actual eyeball, but what the term is actually talking about is the solid coloring behind center field. It can take many forms, but the idea is that the […]

On-Deck Circle: No Man’s Land or Key to Success?

Tweet Every hitter has stood there and every pitcher has the chance to see who is hitting next when they look there. The on-deck circle is where a player stands when he is next up in the batting order and waiting his turn to hit. But is there any reason that players stand (or neglect […]

When Drawing a Walk is a Bad Thing

Tweet A batter drawing a walk is a good thing.  If you have seen the movie or read the book, Moneyball, you know that Oakland Athletics’ general manager Billy Beane is a big advocate of hitters drawing walks. His philosophy is that you need runners to get on base for hitters to drive them in […]