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“42” The Jackie Robinson Story: Movies

Tweet Jackie Robinson was the first black player in Major League Baseball – not professional baseball.  The Negro Leagues were a professional league but obviously were for black players since they were not allowed in the Majors before Robinson broke the color barrier.  42 is a movie about his story and the tests he endured […]

Fair Weather Baseball Fans

Tweet Did your favorite team make the playoffs this year in baseball?  If they did, you have a legitimate team to cheer for and a reason to watch their games other than that they just happen to be on television. Did your team miss the playoffs?  If that’s the case, you have one of two […]

Baseball Retaliation Leads to Punches and Brawls

Tweet A batter getting hit by a pitch is a relatively common occurrence.  There may be one every few games, and sometimes there are multiple batters hit by a pitch in a game.  Typically there are no hit batsmen, but when it happens there is always a reaction both in the stands and in the […]