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Players Policed by Other Players

Tweet Yasiel Puig is among a handful of players who are constantly being policed for his on-the-field antics. Whether celebrating a home run or taking out anger over a strikeout, players are not shy about showing emotion during the game. The supposed problem comes when a player on the opposing team gets offended. This is […]

Triple Crown Candidates in Early 2017

Tweet The Triple Crown is an elusive award that has only been won once in the past 50 years. Miguel Cabrera led the American League in home runs, RBI, and batting average back in 2012. While there are no clear-cut heavy favorites to achieve the feat this season, there are a few players who find […]

Eyewash: Baseball Terminology

Tweet Eyewash might be an important thing in a science lab, but it can also be seen on the baseball field. It is not nearly as important in baseball; eyewash is extra flare that players use to impress observers. This is a term that applies heavily to high school and college athletes. However, there are […]

Bryce Harper Faces Stephen Strasburg

Tweet It’s not often that a live batting practice session draws so much attention. When it involves two of the most highly touted prospects in baseball history that have never faced each other, the session becomes a little more interesting. Bryce Harper stepped into the box to face Stephen Strasburg during a morning workout on […]

Bryce Harper: The Young Phenom of Baseball

Tweet So far, I’ve talked about players I enjoy liking.  That is, I genuinely like the players (Chipper Jones and Evan Longoria).  There is someone who I like as a player because he has grown on after having watched him play over the last few seasons including getting the privilege of seeing him play in […]