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Technology Changing the Cheating Landscape in Baseball

Tweet Technology has become more prominent in Major League Baseball over the last few seasons. QuesTec has allowed balls and strikes to be determined by machine, although umpires are still the cornerstone of officiating. PITCHf/x has allowed tracking the movement of pitches thrown and balls put in play. Statcast from MLB has given fans remarkable […]

Grapefruit League Stadiums: #2 JetBlue Park

Tweet “Mini Fenway” is #2 on our Spring Training Grapefruit League countdown. JetBlue Park is located in Fort Meyers, Florida, and is home to the Boston Red Sox. JetBlue Park at Fenway South is the official name of the stadium, giving a nod to the Boston home back up north. This stadium is a sight […]

Pablo Sandoval Weight Not an Issue for Red Sox

Tweet The Boston Red Sox gave new third baseman Pablo Sandoval a hefty payday this offseason – five years and $95 million through the 2019 season. With a picture of Sandoval having made its rounds on the Internet, showing off Panda’s larger than usual belly, critics are calling him out for his lack of physical […]

Headhunting has no Place in Baseball

Tweet Protect your players, but don’t go headhunting The recent scuffle between the Tampa Bay Rays and Boston Red Sox came to a conclusion (for now) with the suspension of Boston pitcher Brandon Workman and fine for Tampa Bay pitcher David Price. Price avoided a suspension himself despite hitting both David Ortiz and Mike Carp. […]

Baseball is Still About the Money

Tweet If you are a Boston Red Sox fan, odds are you do not like the New York Yankees – at all.  You might even use words like loathe, despise, and hate.  If you are a New York Yankees fan, you reciprocate those exact feelings right back to those fans in red.  Unless you have […]