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Ballplayer by Chipper Jones

Tweet I recently finished reading Ballplayer by Chipper Jones. The book was on my immediate read list because I grew up a Braves fan, and Chipper was my favorite player. When I played growing up, third base became my primary position, and it was only natural that my admiration for Chipper grew even more. Ballplayer […]

Grapefruit League Stadiums: #7 Champion Stadium

Tweet Champion Stadium, home of the Atlanta Braves, could easily be the top Spring Training Grapefruit League venue for one reason: FREE PARKING! However, that is not enough as it comes in at #7 in our countdown. Located at Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports, Champion Stadium has been used by the Braves since the […]

Melvin Upton Jr. Hoping for Resurgence in 2015

Tweet Melvin Upton Jr., or B.J. Upton as you may better know him as, officially changed his name recently. He says it was not because he is looking for a fresh start in 2015, but it couldn’t hurt. In his two years as an Atlanta Brave, Upton has hit .184 and .208 with just 21 […]

Rafael Furcal – Jacksonville Suns

Tweet Rafael Furcal playing for my hometown Rafael Furcal may be past his prime at the age of 36, but the 13-year veteran made me smile and remember why I enjoy baseball last week. I went to watch a Jacksonville Suns’ home game; they are my hometown team and who I have gone to see […]

Infield Fly: Rules of the Game

Tweet Infield fly rule prevents easy double plays An infield fly occurs when there are less than two outs and runners on first and second base, or the bases are loaded.  When the batter hits a fly ball that stays within the vicinity of the infield, umpires call an infield fly rule.  The batter is […]