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Evan Longoria has a Spring Training Beard

Evan Longoria has a new look to start the 2017 baseball season. He has joined the likes of Jake Arrieta, Evan Gattis, and Justin Turner and refused to use a razor on his face. Yes, Evan Longoria now has a thick burly beard that will be donned on the diamond come Opening Day.

Evan Longoria Beard Spring Training

Evan Longoria sporting a mullet

Longoria is no stranger to outrageous hairstyles. He has a formidable hair resume that includes a bleach blonde mohawk in 2014 that was inspired by players in the World Cup. There was his infamous mullet that was probably a trending Twitter topic at some point.

Of course there is also the baby face look that would be enforced if he were to every play for the New York Yankees. Longoria may change his hair from year to year based on superstition or just because he likes to change things up, but the new beard is staying put because of his wife.

He says that he hasn’t shaved since November, and his wife liked the beard. And that is why Evan Longoria now looks like a member from the 2013 Boston Red Sox. If Longoria can improve upon 2016 in which he hit a career best 36 home runs, he may give Jayson Werth a run for his money come October.

Evan Longoria Beard Spring Training

A blonde mohawk was in style in 2014

The Rays used to be known for an abundance of unique styling tactics under former manager Joe Maddon. Since Maddon’s departure to the Chicago Cubs two years ago, Tampa Bay hasn’t been as eye catching except for Chris Archer and his curly hair. Maddon and the Cubs have their own third baseman sporting a memorable beard in All Star Kris Bryant.

No matter the amount of hair on his face or on top of his head, Evan Longoria will still be the face of the Tampa Bay Rays. This new look will no doubt inspire an upcoming bobble head giveaway at Tropicana Field.

Evan Longoria Beard Spring Training

The new and improved beard of Evan Longoria

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