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Derek Jeter Commercial from the Jordan Brand

Derek Jeter Tribute Commercial

Derek Jeter has earned ‘Re2pect’ over his career

Derek Jeter has a new tribute commercial from the Jordan brand. He has been signed on with the brand since 1999 and has the most shoes of any the company’s athletes not named Michael Jordan.

The commercial has plenty of cameos from star athletes and celebrities, including Phil Jackson, Rudy Giuliani, Tiger Woods, and rapper Jay-Z. Even Boston Red Sox fans and Mr. Met tip their caps in homage to the legendary Yankee shortstop.

Jeter has commanded the respect of many athletes and fans over the years. Hence, the motto that has been circulating this season is “Re2spect.” It honors Jeter and his number “2” he has donned over the course of his career.

Derek Jeter is calling it quits on a Hall of Fame career after the 2014 season is over, and this commercial shows just how much respect he has received over the years. Jeter has been free of allegations of steroids, PEDs, or any other scandals that have plagued Major League Baseball since the steroid era took place in the late 1990’s. Jeter has never been known for his power numbers regardless, but he has also not been a user of performance enhancing drugs to enhance his career.

As the commercial shows, even Yankee rivals have to give their props to a man who was drafted number one overall in 1992 and took the baseball world by storm. Jeter has Gold Gloves, Silver Sluggers, an All-Star Game MVP, a World Series MVP, and numerous other awards accredited to his name over the last 20 years.

There are few athletes who have garnered the hardware as Derek Jeter has, and the Jordan brand has made a phenomenal commercial to pay tribute. It is one of the may accolades and gifts Jeter has received this season.

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