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Ballplayer by Chipper Jones

Ballplayer Chipper Jones Baseball Books

I recently finished reading Ballplayer by Chipper Jones. The book was on my immediate read list because I grew up a Braves fan, and Chipper was my favorite player. When I played growing up, third base became my primary position, and it was only … [Continue reading]

Inside Move: Baseball Terminology

Inside Move Baseball Terminology

An inside move is when a pitcher lifts his leg to deliver a pitch and then pivots towards second base to attempt a pickoff. This move tries to deceive the base runner and catch him off guard. Similar to a how a lefty can lift his leg to pick off … [Continue reading]

Eyewash: Baseball Terminology

Eyewash Baseball Terminology Bryce Harper

Eyewash might be an important thing in a science lab, but it can also be seen on the baseball field. It is not nearly as important in baseball; eyewash is extra flare that players use to impress observers. This is a term that applies heavily to … [Continue reading]

Baseball’s Best Player (without stats)

Baseballs Best Player without Stats

Baseball’s best player (or two) is usually awarded annually to the MVP – hence the reason for the award. There are years when more than one player is a viable candidate to be called the best in baseball. This is when stats and numbers are crunched … [Continue reading]

Evan Longoria has a Spring Training Beard

Evan Longoria Beard Spring Training

Evan Longoria has a new look to start the 2017 baseball season. He has joined the likes of Jake Arrieta, Evan Gattis, and Justin Turner and refused to use a razor on his face. Yes, Evan Longoria now has a thick burly beard that will be donned on the … [Continue reading]