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Batting Donut: Baseball Terminology

Batting Donut Baseball Terminology Baseball Journal

A batting donut is something that is surprisingly simple as a kid and gets more complicated the older you get. The donut is a weight that hitters use while waiting on deck for their turn to hit. It allows the hitter to use a heavier bat to produce … [Continue reading]

Home Run Derby 2017 Participants

Home Run Derby 2017 Participants

The 2017 Home Run Derby in Marlins Park will feature athletes who look like they belong on a basketball court or football field. Aaron Judge and hometown favorite Giancarlo Stanton are the two headliners in the sporting event that produces the single … [Continue reading]

Players Policed by Other Players

Players police baseball players

Yasiel Puig is among a handful of players who are constantly being policed for his on-the-field antics. Whether celebrating a home run or taking out anger over a strikeout, players are not shy about showing emotion during the game. The supposed … [Continue reading]

Interpreters for Baseball Players

Interpreters in Baseball The Baseball Journal

Interpreters in baseball have been a recent trending topic among TV reporters and analysts. Boston Red Sox announcer Jerry Remy took issue with an interpreter being needed for New York Yankees’ pitcher Masahiro Tanaka. He does not think interpreters … [Continue reading]

Triple Crown: Baseball Terminology

Triple Crown Miguel Cabrera The Baseball Journal

The Triple Crown is an award given to a player who leads the league in three offensive categories: batting average, home runs, and runs batted in. Miguel Cabrera was the last player to win a Triple Crown back in 2012 with the Detroit Tigers. Prior to … [Continue reading]