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Rule 5 Draft: Baseball Terminology

Rule 5 Draft Baseball Terminology

The Rule 5 Draft in Major League Baseball is a way to prevent teams from stockpiling young talent and keeping them in the minor leagues. We’ll get into more details, but basically at the end of the Winter Meetings, a draft is held where eligible … [Continue reading]

Wild Card Game is Strictly for Television Ratings

Wild Card Game MLB Playoffs

The Wild Card Game in Major League Baseball might be dramatic with a Game 7 feeling, but it typically defeats the purpose of a 162 game season. Both the American and National League Wild Card Game feature matchups between teams that finished six … [Continue reading]

Around the Horn: Baseball Terminology

Around the Horn Baseball Terminology

Around the horn is one of the most common baseball terms out there. ESPN has even had a show by the same name since 2002; it consists of a host who asks various panel members to discuss current topics in sports. The idea comes from the aspect of the … [Continue reading]

Technology Changing the Cheating Landscape in Baseball

Technology Changing the Cheating Landscape in Baseball Boston Red Sox

Technology has become more prominent in Major League Baseball over the last few seasons. QuesTec has allowed balls and strikes to be determined by machine, although umpires are still the cornerstone of officiating. PITCHf/x has allowed tracking the … [Continue reading]

Post Season Trade Deadline

Post Season Trade Deadline

The Major League Baseball trade deadline was a month ago, and that is when the biggest names were switching teams. That didn’t stop a few teams from making trades before the post season roster deadline this week. A player must clear waivers … [Continue reading]