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Most Exciting Play in Baseball

What is the most exciting play in baseball? There are a plethora of options to choose from: a home run, a play at the plate, a walk-off hit, or a triple play.   Maybe you like seeing scuffles and watching a player charge the mound. Diving catches always make highlight reels. There are so many to choose from.

Double Play

Double plays are a common occurrence, yet most fans assume that if one is set in motion with a ground ball that is just going to happen. The reason that double plays are converted so often is that they are practiced over and over. Repetition is the key to success in baseball and players work on turning two their entire lives.

A double play is never assumed though as seen by the scoring when it doesn’t happen. A fast runner going to first base can beat out the throw and the ruling is a fielder’s choice as long as the first out is recorded. The defense is not given an error on bad throws to first base if the lead runner is out and the hitter remains at first base. Turning two is never guaranteed but has one of the higher success rates of an exciting play.  It may not be the most exciting play in baseball unless it wins your team the game.

most exciting play in baseballmost exciting play in baseball

most exciting play in baseball

The most exciting play in baseball could be a triple play

Triple Play

A triple play could be the most exciting play in baseball.  If you see one, you get to witness one of the rarer feats in baseball. Unlike the double play, getting three outs in one play doesn’t have a usual routine. There could be runners on first and second with a ground ball to the third baseman; he tags third base, then throws to second base, and the last out is recorded at first base.

There might be runners on first and second with a line drive to an infielder. He catches it, and then gets the base runners out before they have a chance to tag up. This could be done by throwing to the bags or tagging the base runners. You could also see a play with a force out at first base and then a run down with the other runners. The possibilities are endless, and it is always breath taking to see if the defense gets the third out.


While doubles are common in games, there is rarely a close play at the bag. Runners usually coast into the bag standing up. With a triple, runners are sliding head first avoiding a tag or at least hustling all the way around the bases. Any player attempting to reach third on a base hit needs to be ready for a close play, as the ball travels much faster than any runner’s legs can move. Bang-bang plays always provide excitement, and the triple usually provides just that.  Is a triple the most exciting play in baseball?  It could be for one game, but probably not in all of baseball.

Play at the plate

Much like the triple, a play at the plate will provide a runner getting to the bag about the same time as a relay throw from a fielder. The rules have changed this season regarding the catcher’s ability to block home plate, so collisions have not been as prominent as the past. Before, a catcher would stand a few feet in front of home plate in the base line making the runner either run around him or through him. Some players choose to avoid the tag and use a hook slide. Others run in a straight line and take the catcher out if need be.

A play at the plate can be a game changer since the offense is attempting to score a run with the ball coming to the catcher. Watching the umpire see the play and make his call is excruciating since both teams think they came out on the right side of the play. Players’ reactions are priceless as they jump up and for joy or plead their case about why the call was wrong. Combined with a walk-off run, a play at the plate could be the most exciting play in baseball.

most exciting play in baseball

A walk-off home run might be the most exciting play in baseball


The walk-off is by far one of the most exciting plays in baseball. Baseball is one of the few sports where a team can score to end the game right then and there. This only happens if the home team scores and draws huge cheering from the crowd. Scoring a run is hard enough as it is, and to score a run to win the game is exhilarating and makes any game worth going to.

While there walk-offs with close plays, there are also walk-offs with no rebuttal from the defense. If the outfield is playing shallow to throw out a runner at third base who tags up, any ball hit into the gap or over their heads guarantees the runner will score. There are just as many walk-offs with close plays as there are with chances to get the runner out and extend the game.

A walk-off home run is one of the most exciting plays in baseball; fans love the long ball and they want to see the home team win. What better way than to do both with one swing of the bat. Watching the players gather around home plate to jump up and down in celebration is always a Kodak moment and something that every player would love to be a part of.

Home run

A home run may be the classic choice for the most exciting play in baseball. You may think you know it’s coming, but you never really know until the ball clears the fence. The entire process is amazing to watch as it starts out just like any other play. The pitcher delivers a pitch and the hitter swings. The difference is typically the sound of the bat as it makes contact. Metal bats have a ping, but wood bats have a loud crack unlike other base hits.

You watch the ball sail up into the air. It either is a no-doubter that will clear the fence by 20 feet, or it is a high pop fly with a waning outfielder hoping to make a leaping catch at the wall. Seeing an outfielder jump and come down empty-handed results in a roar from the crowd, or groans from the opposition. The pitcher has to wait for the hitter to trot around the bases as he takes his time to touch each bag and shake the hand of the third base coach. A home run can come on any swing and any pitch in a ball game, but you will always be mad at yourself if you were at the bathroom or buying peanuts and find out you missed seeing a home run.

most exciting play in baseballMost exciting play in baseball

All of these plays have their own appeal and excitement. The most exciting play in baseball isn’t defined by a distinct result, but rather it is based on what is happening in the game at that given moment. A home run is not as exciting in a blowout. A double play can end a team’s momentum and make everything somber. Diving catches are timeless since they always seem to get you out of your seat, but they don’t always impact a game’s outcome.

The most exciting play in baseball is the one that you see with your own eyes. Watching a replay is nice, but it doesn’t beat the thrill of seeing it play out in real time and holding your breath as you anticipate the outcome. Anything can happen at any given moment, and once the play is over is when you let your breath go and either cheer out loud or stare in silent solitude.


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    I submit an Inside the park grand slam (SEE Clemete) is the most exciting play in baseball

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