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Baseball Christmas Lights in Reno

Tweet Baseball Christmas Lights The holidays are upon us, and that means nights will be a little bit brighter for the rest of the year.  Houses, offices, downtown buildings and more will be donned in Christmas lights.  Some colored and some all white.  Some flashing and some steady. There are the over-the-top festivities that include […]

Felix Hernandez and The King’s Court

Tweet Many Major League Baseball teams have dedicated fan sections, but the Seattle Mariners have a unique tradition that is specific for one player in particular. The King’s Court is a devoted set of sections that cheer for the team, but pitcher Felix Hernandez is the main star. When Hernandez is on the mound at […]

Ken Griffey Jr. Bubble Gum Card

Tweet  Ken Griffey Jr. blew the biggest bubble… Ken Griffey Jr. was one of my favorite players as a kid.  I wrote an article earlier this year about him where I linked to a photo that was one of his baseball cards in the 90’s.  I was talking about this card with someone recently and […]

Topps Digital Baseball Card Collection

Tweet Topps digital baseball cards the new trend? Topps digital cards have become the new fad for young collectors.  I collected baseball cards as a kid – it was something that was fun and exciting because you never knew what players you were going to get when you opened a fresh new pack.  Every trip […]

Stopwatch Baseball

Tweet Here is another game that is a great time-waster on road trips and rain delays.  You can play it anytime, anywhere, and all you need is a stopwatch, hence the name of the game.  It is amazing how much fun and intensity this game can produce, especially when the scoring gets really high.  I’m […]